Inertia: Momentum Conference Begins April 28th

Echo: A Music-Centered Journal‘s eighth annual conference, Inertia: Momentum—A Conference on Sound, Media, and the Digital Humanitieswill take place at the UCLA Charles E. Young Research Library, April 28-30, 2016.  Co-hosted by Echo: A Music-Centered Journal, The Digital Humanities Working Group at UCLA, and Ethnomusicology Review, the conference gathers a diverse group of scholars from across the globe from a range of disciplines to discuss topics related to sound, media, and the digital humanities.

Echo has hosted a conference at UCLA every academic year since 2006, with only two exceptions (2009-2010 and 2013-2014).  Previous themes include “Music and Humor” (2009), “Space, Time, and Music” (2008), and “Sonic Doom: Decay, Disease, and Destruction” (2011).  Inertia: Momentum expands on the theme of 2015’s ground-breaking and successful conference, which brought together musicological and digital humanistic scholarship with the fledgling discipline of sound studies.

Registration for Inertia: Momentum is now open.  Click here to view the complete program (downloadable PDF) and schedule.

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