ISSN 1535-1807

Echo: A Music-Centered Journal is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal created and edited by graduate students in the Department of Musicology at the University of California, Los Angeles. Since our first issue in Fall 1999, we have published biannually and welcome submissions and project proposals throughout the year. Echo is an entirely Web-based journal, and can be accessed free of charge by any online visitor.

Echo’s purpose is to create a forum for discussion about music and culture that includes voices from diverse backgrounds. To that end, we endeavor to make all work accessible to readers without formal musical training; the use of sound and film clips in our journal enables writers to discuss nuances of performance without relying solely on music notation. Articles address music in diverse social contexts, and are not confined to any geographically, historically, or methodologically bounded genre.

Our design philosophy is to present articles in an attractive and visually stimulating layout that complements the ideas and subject matter discussed in the text. There are limitations to this practice, however, as reading text on a computer screen, no matter how intelligent the layout, is a very different experience than reading on paper. As a compromise, Echo creates full-text printer-friendly versions of all articles and review essays as Acrobat PDFs.

We are supported by an advisory board of distinguished scholars from many disciplines, and we consult the expertise of the Center for Digital Humanities on a range of issues. Grants from the Graduate Students Association at UCLA make our work possible.


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