1922 Born in Sacramento, California in November

1927 Family moved to Los Angeles

1941 Enrolled at Los Angeles City College

1942 Entered the Manzanar Relocation Center in March

1944 Departed Manzanar in November after enlisting in US Army

1947 Discharged from the Army, joined musician’s union, formed own dance band

1949 Tokyo Joe, Columbia Pictures, uncredited assistant composer

1951 BA in Music, Los Angeles State College

1957 “The Japanese Drama,” CBS Radio Workshop, composer/director

1957 Escapade in Japan, RKO Pictures, uncredited assistant composer

1957 Cinerama Seven Wonders of the World, Warner-Adventure, composer

1957 Sayonara, Warner Bros., music advisor and uncredited assistant composer

1957 Stopover Tokyo, 20th Century-Fox, uncredited assistant composer

1957 Gunsmoke, CBS, music supervisor for several episodes

1958 Mganga, Edison International, composer/director

1958 “The Kurushiki Incident,” Studio One, CBS, composer/director

1958 “The Sakae Ito Story,” Wagon Train, NBC, composer

1960 Rod McKuen’s The Yellow Unicorn, Imperial Records, composer/arranger

1960 Brass and Bamboo, Capitol Records, arranger/composer/director

1960 Accent on Bamboo, Capitol Records, arranger/composer/director

1961 Cry for Happy, Columbia Pictures, arranger and uncredited assistant composer

1962 A Majority of One, Warner Bros., uncredited assistant composer

1962 Geisha Fantasy, Las Vegas Desert Inn, arranger

1964 Mood in Japan, Nippon Victor, arranger

1964 Associate Professor, California State University, Los Angeles

1966 Sea of Spring, Grand Prix, arranger

1966 Midnight in San Francisco, Nippon Victor, arranger

1968 Far East Goes Western, Mercury Records, arranger/director

1968 Associate in Arts degree, Los Angeles City College

1970 Masters Degree in Asian Studies, University of Southern California, Thesis: “The Shakuhachi: The Classic Myōan School”

1979 Grand Opening of Japanese Pavilion, EPCOT Disney, arranger/director

1979 Retired from California State University, Los Angeles

1980 Okinawa Peace Memorial, arranger/director

1980 Encounter with the Past, Shindo’s documentary film on Manzanar

1982 Siegfried and Roy Superstar, Las Vegas Stardust Hotel, composer

2000 Composed two marches for Go For Broke Monument anniversary celebration

2002 Died in San Dimas, California in May

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