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WELCOME FROM THE EDITOR - Jacqueline Warwick
Folk Grooves and Tabla Tal-s
by James Kippen

We Thank the Technology Goddess for Giving Us the Ability to Rave:
Gamelan, Techno-Primitivism, and the San Francisco Rave Scene

by Gina Fatone

What I Hear is Thinking Too: Deleuze and Guattari Go Pop
by Timothy S. Murphy and Daniel W. Smith

Beginning Credits and Beyond: Music and the Cinematic Imagination
by Giorgio Biancorosso
Knitting Factory Reissue Series of Ronald Shannon Jackson
and the Decoding Society

Reviewed by Jeff Eldredge
Minor Earth Major Sky, by a-ha
Reviewed by Mark J. Blair

Five Windows into Africa: a CD-ROM
Reviewed by J. Martin Daughtry