Terms for Musical Production Elements in Television

Opens, Closes, Titles, Themes, Jingles

Longer theme that identifies the newscast and provides musical material for the rest of the broadcast.  Typically fanfare-like, quick, syncopated in brass and strings, over a driving beat.  Establishes impression of dynamic newsroom and authority of the newscast.

Singers, Teases

Very brief musical and visual marker for an important, long-term news item.  Announces item to follow and helps create attitude about item within viewer.  Image and music closely correspond.  The most original and freest musical production element.


Framing and background music for extensions of opens.  Loops are used to accommodate texts and images of variable lengths.


Musical lead-ins to and lead-outs from commercials.  Create mood and attitude for upcoming news item.  Widely differ within one broadcast.

Lazers, sparkles, sweeps, etc.:

Descriptive names for special sound effects used in prodcution music elements.

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