...For the uninitiated, 20,000 or so people descend on Nevada's Black Rock Desert in the last week of August to form “Black Rock City” (population the rest of the year: 0 ). The goal is to create a unique community of artists, exhibitionists, ravers, alternative-types, etc. Everyone is encouraged to “participate”; There should be no spectators...

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ECHO: Volume 3 Issue 2
Levitz: In the Footsteps of Eurydice * Kassabian: Ubiquitous Listening * Draughon and Knapp: Mahler and the Crisis of Jewish Identity * Musical Perspectives on September 11 * Anne Elise Thomas: Reflections on September 11
*Kopplin: Allen Forte* Dickinson: Brain in a Box * Marsh: The Complete Ockeghem * Write to ECHO